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Global Interior is a general contractor based in Winnipeg specializing in Home Renovation & Customized Window Blinds. From design to building, we offer homeowners a full service, everything you need to create your dream home.

Our daily motto is to deliver excellent customer service throughout the entire construction process. We take care of all the documentation and drawings needed for construction permits.

GI has over seven years of experience and has delivered over 4,000 renovation projects in Winnipeg. We started as a tiny company with only two members: Evgeny and Ivan.

Home Renovation was our starting point, but we have also expanded our services to install new window blinds and customized blinds.

As customer satisfaction and referrals started to drive new clients to our company, we have expanded to 14 crew members. We are creating a solid Home Renovation company with licensed trades and the best attitude to work on what we love.

Global Interior’s primary goal in every project is to build new experiences and strategies to optimize time and money. We have made the latest technology our ally to make construction as pleasant as possible for everybody.

Our team of experts in designs and trends is committed to satisfying what our clients are looking for.

Start today with what could be one of the most important projects for you and your family. Contact us now!


Global Interior is an established company in Winnipeg in the home renovation industry. Design and building are the primary services we offer to transform any kitchen, living room, basement, or any room and corner into your dream home.

We are currently one of the very few contractors in the city using technology to their advantage. We have the necessary equipment and software to recreate your home design. Walk you through what will potentially be part of your home renovation with virtual reality tours.

We have expanded our service portfolio in recent years. We not only do construction but also sell and install window blinds. We have different blinds, including custom blinds that can be a great ally in advertising your business.

Today we are one of the best contractors in Winnipeg with our straightforward construction process and the best customer service on any project.


Today we are a company with experience in the home renovation business with great success. We move on save ground towards our goal: To be a benchmark construction company in the province of Manitoba.

We are connecting with licensed and experienced new employees to expand our workforce with the highest quality of service. One of our goals is to double the number of crew members, from 14 to at least 30 people on our team in 5 years.

We are convinced that we will exceed our goals in a few years by continuing with our outstanding customer service, our attention to every detail, and making our construction process hassle-free for everyone.

We have a full agenda of new services planned. Stay tuned and be ready to be part of Global Interior, a new Home Renovation Experience.

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