Bathroom renovation

Right Size

Our team will visit your home and measure the dimensions of your bathroom accurately and map out them: width, height, and depth of every part

Great Design

We will also implement unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with your bathroom design

Selection of Finishes

Will guide you in coordinating all of your finishes so that your bathroom tile ideas, tub, bathroom vanities and water technology all complement each other beautifully

Bathroom Layout

The most important part of a bathroom renovation is layout design. Any change in the future involves a huge expense and a kind of coup in your house.

You have to keep in mind and consider all factors as wet and dry zones, toilet zone, raising a bath up or sinking into the floor, your privacy, towel hanging and heating, fixtures holders, access to natural light.

It is important not to forget about storage, accessories such as a mirror, and counter space. The bathroom should be comfortable with enough space for taking clothes on and off. Think about shower instead of a bath if the room has a small size. Otherwise, it makes sense to move walls if it is possible.

Global Interior inc. will conceptualize and design your bathroom layout which involves where your new cabinets, water technology, and backsplashes will go and map out the dimensions: how tall, wide, and deep each of them.

Global Interior inc. now offers a new and better method for performing a bathroom renovation. We have a full-service approach which guarantees to make your bathroom remodel easier and more satisfying for you and your family.

We consider all the customers’ needs including tub to shower conversions, installing elderly walk-in tubs and easy access showers.

We carry decorative door knobs and other fancy bathroom accessories

Whole process is clear

Because of our process, our design is exceptional. From concept to completion, our highly competent and experienced Bathroom Remodeling Consultants will keep your project proceeding smoothly with the following steps:

Measurement, Layout, Selection of Finishes, Budget Planning, Installation.

Budget Planning

Our Global Interior inc. financial advisers will help you develop a budget and create a design within it to provide you with a bathroom renovation you can afford. Keep in mind, since Global Interior inc. is a full-service company, we’re also a supplier and contractor so we always keep a close eye on how much the project is costing. This gives us the freedom to spend within reason on what you really want. So whether your budget is large or small, Bathroom of the dream can become a reality when you work with Global Interior inc.

Why no to Buy Materials

One of the biggest reasons you will want to allow your remodel contractor to supply materials for your home remodel project is because of the chance that defects will occur. If a defect occurs in materials that your remodel contractor has provided, they will be obligated to replace that item. However, if you have supplied the materials, this is not the case. Instead, you will have the responsibility of replacing the item and paying to have it installed again.

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