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Kitchen and home design is continually seeking the newest ideas, concepts and products. Using multiple mediums and disciplines in design and fabrication, GI Cabinetry are truly, one of a kind. Our multi-disciplined take on the process yields iconic and very identifiable custom kitchens that utilize eccentric and distinctive textures. The menu is set for design exploration; all you have to do is start. Let one of our dedicated and seasoned kitchen designers pave the way for decades of love, beauty and luxury.


Kitchen & Bathroom Designs

GI Cabinetry can solve all your cabinet needs! 

Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to personalize every detail of your cabinet design.

Entertaining at home is more enjoyable when everything is in its place. Work with the CI Cabinetry to create a custom entertainment center that matches your existing décor.

every inch has the potential to become storage. By installing wall to wall custom vanities we provided homeowners with the maximum storage for their space.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets


Make your kitchen unique in design and function with beautiful custom kitchen cabinets. Built to fit your kitchen with precision, your custom made kitchen cabinets can be the eye-catching focus you’re looking for in the heart of your home. They are created for style and the ultimate in function for your kitchen. We use the best quality materials and the greatest attention to detail to give you the perfect custom kitchen cabinets.

GI Cabinetry

Custom Kitchsens, Bathrooms. Counter tops, Entertainment and TV wall units

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