Let us know which area, space, or room you’d like to renovate. We will deliver the best design aligned with your needs and expectations.


Are you on a budget and want to improve your outdoor space? Let us give you the best trending ideas for new outdoor experiences.


Change your old dusty window curtains for new elegant zebra blinds or customized window blinds. Level up your spaces without breaking the bank.

New Design

Designing your kitchen layout can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Our experts in kitchen design will dress a new layout with a path that makes sense when cooking. Your renovated kitchen will create a unique atmosphere ready to take in the whole family together.

We will take care of all the construction permits, drawings, installation, and everything needed to make the process of kitchen renovation hassle-free for you. Global Interior has built entire new kitchens in many homes throughout the beautiful city of Winnipeg. GI delivers the best high quality and budget-friendly, caring for every little detail to make your new kitchen the center of your home.

Virtual Reality Tour

Jump into what could be your kitchen and add the final touches to your renovated kitchen. After all, what matters most is you being happy with the new design so take a look at our virtual reality tour of your new kitchen. Global Interior is more than construction; we have made technology our ally for the best customer experience in Winnipeg.

Kitchen remodeling considers color matching, lighting, open spaces, and appliances. Let’s get it right with our one-a-kind service for a kitchen renovation; a virtual reality tour will help you decide on the colors you want, the kind of cabinets, the size of drawers, and where your appliances will work for you. Every family has different needs, and every kitchen must be unique; pre-visualize what could be your new kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry

Are the shelves’ height not what you need? Do you want more cabinets and drawers of different sizes? Global Interior offers you custom cabinets in Winnipeg. We have a great catalog of colors and textures to create that stunning new look you expect in your renovated kitchen.

No matter the type of design, we will build your custom cabinets. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. In the kitchen area the more storage space you have in the kitchen area, the better. Let the experts in designing and installing cabinets in Winnipeg deliver the best quality of craftsmanship on every shelf, door, and drawer.

New Countertops

Renovate your countertop with an elegant new countertop that works with the new layout and design of your kitchen. Global Interior uses the latest technology in the cutting, fabrication, and installation of countertops. Whether it’s quartz, granite, or any other material, we will deliver a countertop that exceeds your expectations.

Our goal is to supply you with the best trending ideas for an elegant and modern countertop. Please ask for pictures of our past projects, do not be afraid to ask for a quote. Double-side waterfall countertops are among our most recurrent countertop designs here in Winnipeg.


Technology is arriving in every corner of our house, and the bathroom is not the exception. There are a ton of new accessories and lighting fixtures that have built-in artificial intelligence, such as Alexa or Siri, to make your life easier in almost every way. A complete bathroom renovation will always include new lighting.

Create a romantic ambiance with dimming lights and voice control for that particular night. Change your old lights for some great LED light fixtures. Global Interior is ready to supply complete electrical installation with our certified technicians.

New Tiles

Replace your old tiles with new ones with more vibrant colors and elegant designs. Remodeling a bathroom and changing tiles will bring a new interior design to your bathroom and a new healthy fresh environment free from humidity.

Global Interior is the best contractor in Winnipeg to take on the demolition required and set up all-new tiles correctly, creating a whole new bathroom landscape. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to completely transform your bathroom into what could potentially be the masterpiece of the house.


I bet you have dreamed about having a Jacuzzi in your bathroom or backyard. Global Interior is the correct contractor to make a complete bathroom renovation. We are certified to install all the accessories and requirements for a Jacuzzi correctly.

Are you not sure if a Jacuzzi fits inside your bathroom? Maybe a bathtub does. Our licensed crew members will execute the installation of any jacuzzi or bathtub most safely and correctly. Our high quality in every work makes us stand out from our competition in Winnipeg.

New Flooring

Not every contractor will deliver a high-quality tile setting job, but we do. Global Interior always provides the best tile work and design, thanks to our professional tile installers. We can help you decide the best color and texture for safety and design reasons.

Out the old dirty vinyl, bring in the new flooring. Our team members have plenty of experience and are licensed to take on any flooring job and bathroom renovation. Let us know your flooring design, and we will exceed your expectations as we have done in past flooring projects in Winnipeg.


At Global Interior, our designers will help you layout the best remodeling for your basement. They will take you by the hand, learning about your needs, your expectations of the project, and planning an accessible budget for your basement renovation.

We are committed to delivering an astonishing basement design that exceeds your expectations. Forget worrying about the construction process. We will handle all the drawings and paperwork needed. Our team in Winnipeg is qualified to make your basement renovation a straightforward process without interrupting your daily life.

New Suite

Building a new room with different functionalities can be challenging, but not for us. Global Interior has the workforce to give you solutions to the ideas for an extra new suite. Remodeling a basement can help you simplify your life in the rest of the house.

We have more than seven years of experience in Winnipeg, making the suite of your dreams come true. Whether for visits, a game room, or a home office. Whatever the project is, we are the best option for basement renovation and building up entire new suites with the highest quality finishes and design.

Rent out the space

One of the most requested projects that Global Interior gets as experts in basement renovation is the creation of an entirely new basement apartment. We are a general contractor with all the necessary trades to make the project a reality and with the best quality.

For whatever purpose you want, we can build any basement remodeling. We are the experts you need to create a new space and rent it out for some extra cash. Rents in Winnipeg are rising due to the demand of people coming to this beautiful city. Don’t stay behind and be part of the solution with a basement renovation.


Maybe you don’t need a new layout or redesign, but maintenance to renew the environment in the basement, yes. That’s what we are here for; at Global Interior we take on any project, big or small. We always deliver quality work that exceeds expectations.

Whether it’s painting, replacing drywall, checking facilities, or whatever your basement needs, you can count on Global Interior. We have been the best choice in Winnipeg for basement renovation. Our technicians are fully certified for any type of trade in home renovations.

Living & Dining Room

At Global Interior, we believe we are masters in full house renovations in Winnipeg. But every complete home remodeling starts with a room or space at a time. We have seen the best place to start giving a new harmony to the home is the living and dining room renovation.

A change in colors, adding new textures, and improving a space are projects in which our designers and work team excel. We are committed to creating the home of your dreams, one room at a time. Let’s start with the living and dining rooms, shall we?


A bedroom can go from being a room you don’t want to be in to being a room you don’t want to leave. Part of the goal of a bedroom renovation is to create organized spaces to store everything you need. Every room is done with impeccable quality of work to enjoy every corner of your room.

Global Interior’s team is experts in the placement of wallpaper and colorimetry for the best room design for your children. The construction process is planned out to not be in the way of your activities at home. We always care about customer satisfaction during and at the end of the home renovation process.

Home Office

We have learned something new after these years, and it is that a space dedicated to the home office is necessary to have at home. Whether it’s an entire room or a small space in the living room, we can transform any space into a productive area.

We create functional spaces with the necessary electrical installations to make your new home office space a productive space for all the family. If you need new shelves, carpeting, or wood finish, we are the best option in Winnipeg to construct a Home Office space.


No full home renovation is complete without changing the backyard or outdoors. New spaces can be created here so you can make new memories with your family and show off your new grilling area to your friends and neighbors.

Imagine a jacuzzi to relax with your spouse, a campfire to gather your friends, or an area with armchairs and a hammock to relax with the family. All this and more can be achieved with Global Interior, as we are experts in designing outdoor spaces.



We always deliver projects with the entire satisfaction of the client


Take a look at the elegance you will have in your home renovation


We seek to adjust to your budget without compromising quality

Gallery work


New colors

The idea of adding new bold colors to the entertainment wall is to make the wall pop out from the rest of the walls. Create the illusion of a new wall, making it appear as an accent wall within the space in which it is.

Global Interior has the experience and knowledge to show you the color options that will make your living room, dining room, or basement look and feel different. Winnipeg has entrusted us with redesigning several entertainment walls over seven years of hard and quality work.

New textures

One of the ways to raise the level of elegance in any room or corner is to add some paneling. Wood panels are the most common but don’t worry; they don’t have to be in the classic brown wood finish; we can paint them in bold colors to create a classic but moody style.

There is a wide variety of materials with different textures to cover an entertainment wall. If you already have a design in mind, we can talk about it and how we can make that idea a reality. We are a budget-friendly company; we care to spend every penny well.

New patterns

An entertainment wall needs to be an accent wall and cannot be achieved without adding a pattern. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bold pattern, but it should at least add some visual to the area it’s in.

Our team has the experience and is trained to place any type of wallpaper, LED lighting, or any type of material that requires a particular installation. Global Interior has been recognized in Winnipeg for always providing ideal solutions and outstanding customer service.

New ideas

If you still haven’t decided what to do with that wall. Our team of designers at Global Interior can give you excellent ideas to meet your needs and give you the best design at a very affordable cost.

Create that wall that will be the center of attention in your home. We transform a simple wall into a work of art that is functional for the lifestyle you lead. We always seek to provide solutions for a straightforward home renovation process.


New fence

Redesign your backyard with a well-constructed, well-finished fence. Global Interior is a general contractor in Winnipeg ready to do all your home renovations, including installing a new fence. We take care of making the best stroke, and we adjust to your needs.

We have over seven years of construction experience and have always delivered high-quality work. Our clients repeat jobs with us for building projects in a clean and safe area. We are your best option to build a new fence to last for many years.


If what you need is a partial or a complete fence replacement, we have low costs but excellent quality in each job. You can count on Global Interior to do the work that others may charge you dearly for just a fence repair or partial replacement.

If you are not sure if you need a repair or a replacement, please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have. We give you the best solution to any problem at a reasonable price.

New deck

Global Interior is an expert company in deck design and installation. We have experienced and licensed staff to perform an exceptional deck placement in the Winnipeg area. Many of our clients have recommended us for the excellent finish we offer in every job.

With us, you will not have any problem calling us again; we always execute excellent work the first time. Tell us about your needs and how you envision your deck. We will send you a quote free of obligation.


We can give you a design that meets your needs and in different types of material that suits your budget. Whether it’s a multi-level deck, a pool deck, or a unique finish. We will exceed your expectations.

If what you need is a customized deck, we can offer you the best service, attention, and design. Global Interior will give you different options and trending deck ideas. We always seek to make it functional and safe from its construction to the final delivery.


Zebra blinds

The zebra blind design allows the different layers of fabric to move freely, unlike the standard plastic blinds. The mesh fabric layer allows light to pass through the blind, giving you the ability to adjust the level of light entering the room. Privacy can be protected according to the level of opening/closing of the middle section in between layers.

At Global Interior, we have raised elegance for offices, businesses, and residences with the correct and complete installation of zebra blinds here in Winnipeg city. Always looking for the color of the different layers to match the interior design of the building.

Innovative blinds

With zebra blinds, thermal stability can be adjusted since the type of materials used helps maintain an adequate level of freshness inside the home or office. The structure installation is always designed to suit any home or office space.

The quality of the material of the blinds will always be the best, regardless of the type of fabric or style. Global Interior warranties an excellent delivery of work and your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Customized blinds

Global Interior has been using window blinds for more than seven years, promoting your business’s brand. You must see the power of advertising with an elegant blind design and your logo printed on it.

We have different designs for the need that your business requires. Show your unique style and your creativity; we will take care of installing premium quality blinds that reflect your personal or business brand.

Long-lasting blinds

Each of the blinds we install is designed to last a long time with minimal maintenance. The materials we use meet Canadian standards. We make sure that each layer and material used has antimicrobial treatment applied to prevent the development of mildew, bacteria, or unpleasant odors.

We always have a way to meet and exceed your expectations for any designs you want, whether sheer, translucent or blackout. Digital printing will make your custom blinds a successful free advertising billboard. Are you ready to promote your business in a new economic way?



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