Zebra Blinds

Exceptional Design

The design of zebra allows the different layers to move. This creates multiple levels of light and privacy so you can completely close them or open them to see the view behind

Easy and Long-lasting

Cassette and Bottom Rail Aluminum Surfaces can be cleaned with a clean, soft cloth and regular household mild cleaning agent. Materials and workmanship are covered for 10 years for normal use of blinds

Rich Choice

Zebra is available in an extensive array of fabrics, e.g., blackout roller blind or translucent horizontal mesh fabric with an assortment of stylish colors

Privacy in a Light

The product was first developed in Korea before it became popular in the global market.

Free light adjustment of the functional product is made available by mesh part and fabric part double crossing with each other. Various colors can be used to fit interior, and private life can be protected according to the level of opening/closing of the middle part. High-quality materials are used for the product to prevent deformation and discoloration.

Thermal stability and excess moisture tolerance of the material makes the condition of the product maintained semi-permanently. The durable fabric with simplified structure assures long-term use without small troubles. By practical adjustment of light, the product goes well with any environment. Brightness can be adjusted up to your personal preference.

We stock a variety of blinds to suit any home or office space. If you are looking to add personality to your room and create the perfect ambiance, we have the right blinds for you. Learn more about our high-quality blinds and their types and styles.

Do It Yourself or Rely on Professionals

Are you not quite sure where to start and not sure what blinds are right for you? Are you handy with basic tools and looking to save some money by installing your blinds yourself? Follow our easy to understand do it yourself instructions to help you choose, measure and install your blinds.

Not feeling confident to do it yourself? Call us on 204-588-1872 and we’ll arrange a time to take the measurements and install your blinds for you. You’ll pay a little bit more, but then you can relax while it’s all done for you.

Almost Thermal Screen

The product can be used semi-permanently because it hardly gets deformed or discolored, and is very strong against temperature and moisture.

Its double cells repel the summer heat or winter cold, keeping you comfortable. These shades are made from high-quality polyester fabric that won’t fray, treated to resist stains and have an anti-static finish to minimize dust build-up.

It is all About Layers

The unique design of the Zebra Blind allows the layers to move varying
the levels of light and privacy. Available in light filtering, room darkening, and lockout fabrics to suit the privacy of your room.

Zebra Blinds can be raised or lowered to the desired height in the window just like Roller Blinds.

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